Style in a Coffee Cup

Probably the most famous and popular drink in the world, coffee is presently prepared in hundreds of ways all over the globe.

For serving each type of coffee, a special kind of coffee cup is usually used. To give a simple but illustrative example, let’s consider Espresso, which is usually served in a small Espresso cup due to the small serving size and intensity. A larger coffee cup, which is frequently used for Americanos and Lattes allows room enough for adding something else in it to enhance the flavour or dilute the taste, such as water or milk.

Whether you use a coffee cup with a brand name on it or simple porcelain mug, a coffee cup should be both appealing and inviting. A clean, white coffee cup and saucer are everything you need for a typical coffee, but what if you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy snap of your favourite beverage before drinking it?

Sometimes adding a small decorative item such as a green mint leaf on the saucer will have a very pleasant aesthetic effect. Alternatively, a current trend is to serve a coffee in a heat-proof glass. Although this looks good, be careful with your fingers as the coffee will be hot!

Whether you’re opting for a traditional coffee cup or modern alternative, one thing is essential – a good quality coffee. Without this, the cup doesn’t really matter.

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